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Olympic Gymnast and Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller Raises Awareness of OVA1

OVA1 Awareness Team member, Shannon Miller, and Dr. William McGrath were featured on WJXT’s “The Morning Show” in Jacksonville, Florida to discuss pelvic mass and changing the way ovarian cancer is diagnosed. “It’s estimated that 60 percent of women have no idea what the symptoms are for a pelvic mass or ovarian cancer,” said McGrath.

Miller added, “As an advocate for women’s health, I want to get out and do as much as I can to help women understand not only what the signs and symptom are for ovarian cancer but the importance of paying attention to your body.”



Both emphasized that OVA1 brings peace of mind to women who have a pelvic mass and removes the waiting that sometimes goes along with diagnosis. “Once a woman has been diagnosed with an ovarian tumor, their clinician can order an OVA1 blood test” said Dr. McGrath.

Read more about Shannon’s ovarian cancer journey by visiting: bit.ly/MoreThanLuckSM.